River Heritage


Town and County Public Library is a Public library.
Admission: Jolene Gothard
 Josephine Art Complex which includes Old Time Ice Cream.
Greenville Country Club is one of the South's most historic country clubs.
They have country home cookin.
Historic cemetery, first in Greenville.
The Three Notch Museum is a project of the Covington Historical Society. It is a local history museum dealing in objects relating to Covington County.
The Church Street Cultural Arts Centre was constructed from 1921 - 1923 serving as a  schooltime for the City of Andalusia until December 2000. In 2010 and 2011, the building underwent a renovation that was a articulation partnership with the Andalusia Concert dance Tie-up and the City.
The Andalusia City Hall building was constructed in 1914 serving as a school for the City for eighty-seven years. In 2002 and 2003, the building underwent a complete restoration.Now, the Andalusia City Hall houses city government and hosts meetings and special upshot.
Springdale, situated in East Three Notch Street, is a large home on approximately four acres that was constructed by John G. Scherf in the early 1930’s.