Riverdale Textile Mill

Street address: 

Valley, AL 36863

334-642-1411 (Chamber)
Mon.–Fri. continuous operation

P.O. Box 205

Lanett, AL 36863


Built in 1866. Building extends over Chattahoochee River and therefore resides in both Alabama and Georgia. Ground level entrance to each of 4 stories. Appeared in Ripley's Believe It or Not.

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Housing for migrating ducks located on river below River View Boat Landing.
Uniquely designed truss bridge built late 1800s, once a span of larger bridge that crossed Chattahoochee River in West Point. Oldest bridge of its design still in service in Alabama.
The younger of the 2 oldest mills, built 1866. Originally made lap blankets, later became key manufacturer of Cotton Duck ship sail materials. Known for making sails for Ole Ironsides.
Built by artist Chuck Moore of Valley. Constructed of old CV railroad parts. Stands as lasting reminder of the "grand old days" of the railroad and its impact on the area.
Overlooks Chattahoochee River and Langdale Boat Landing. Stone work in walls, many of small quartz stones, outlines family lots. Stone barbecue pit in boat landing area.
8-mi./13 km walking tour made from old CV railroad line.
Built by black stone masons in early textile days. Teens of 1941 gave bridge across Moore's Creek its name because girls lined up on it, waiting for boys to come by and give them a kiss.